Friday Harbor Laboratories has a small collection of preserved, mostly local animals and plants for use as reference by researchers and students.

The MS Excel files linked below provide lists of species represented in the collection. Files are in Microsoft Excel format, and will download through your browser (choose to Save on your local drive).

The files in the Herbarium directory contain supplemental collection information, collated by Dr. Sandra Linstrom (University of British Columbia).

If you need additional information regarding the Synoptic Collection, please contact Dr. Craig Staude.

An improved web interface is under construction.

Animals and Plants



FHLBROW1 – Brown algae (Agarum to Syringoderma)
FHLBROW2 – Brown algae (Nereocyctis to Zonaria)
FHLBROWN – Brown algae (Agarum to Myrionema)
FHLCRUST – Crustose algae
FHLFORN – Foreign algal collections
FHLGREEN – Green algae
FHLRED1 – Red algae (Acrochaetium to Cumagloia)
FHLRED2 – Red algae (Dasya to Myriogramme)
FHLRED3 – Red algae (Nemalion to Porphyra)
FHLRED4 – Red algae (Prionitis to Weeksia)
FHLREDS – Red algae (Acrochaetium to Cumagloia)

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