Computer Facilities for Common Use

There are 30 dual boot (OSX Mojave / Windows 10) iMac computers at the Friday Harbor Laboratories. The UW STF funded Computer Lab features 18 high performance 21″ iMac computers and 4 27″ 3D modeling, visualization and large data processing iMac stations. These are available for common use by students or researchers in three locations:

  • Computer Lab
  • FHL Library
  • Lecture Hall

All of these computers have access to networked black-and-white postscript printers. Due to the high cost of operating the printers, visitors are charged for their use (10 cents per black-and-white and 25 cents per color page).

Flash drives, writeable DVDs and CDs can be purchased in our stockroom. Digital cameras, video projectors, and two scanners are also available. Some computers can perform video capture with available firewire or USB adapters.

Software installed on the common use computers include Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, open source tools and various imaging/analysis programs.

FHL is linked to the Internet via a K-20 1Gb/s fiber optic line that is tied into the main campus network at the UW. All buildings including housing units have wireless access. Ethernet connections are available in nearly all lab buildings.

Technical support is provided by IT professionals who are available during business hours (M-F, 8-5).  We offer limited support for our visitors free of charge but for more than one hour of assistance, we will charge a fee.  Contact the FHL IT team ( for more information.

FHL Library

The FHL library provides a core collection of books and journals dealing with marine biology and zoology. The FHL library also provides access to the full UW Libraries collection of e-journals and databases.

The FHL library is part of the UW Libraries, a system of over 7 million cataloged items. Materials not owned by the FHL Library may be requested for copy or loan from the other UW Libraries.

Request for articles and books from the Seattle Campus can be made by filling out this online form.

Maureen Nolan is the librarian for the Friday Harbor Library, but is at the Seattle campus most of the academic year. You may contact her anytime for assistance at or by phone at (206) 685-2126.

Check out the Friday Harbor Library webpage on the UW Library website for more information.

Student Research Papers in the FHL Library

In order to make their course research papers available in the UW Libraries system, students should follow the FHL Paper Guidelines.

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