FHL is known worldwide as an ideal place for research on marine biology, oceanography and fisheries. Many Marine Research Sites in the San Juan Islands have been identified, as well as the pristine Biological Preserves that are managed by UW and FHL.

Research at FHL is conducted throughout the year. Investigators and students are encouraged to use the facilities outside the busy instructional period in summer. If you are interested in doing research as FHL, please follow the Application process and deadlines. Researcher and Scholar Rates are structured based on payment directly from a UW budget or other sources.

FHL endorses San Juan County’s Marine Stewardship Areas. Visitors are asked to assist in protecting fish and invertebrates through rigorous efforts to minimize harvest. More information and mandatory policies can be found under Research Policies.

Of special interest for undergraduate students is the opportunity to conduct research side-by-side a researcher mentor through Summer Research Internships. Full funding is available for qualified and selected candidates. Applications are due in early Spring of each year.

Over a hundred Researchers visit FHL each year to conduct a vast array of Research Projects, resulting in many Publications yearly.

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