Before you apply (via the link at the bottom of the page), please review the information below.

Eligibility & Priority

New applicants and those well established in their fields will have highest priority. Applications by graduate students for dissertation-related work are rarely considered, though graduate students may be included as part of lab groups or collaborations. Applications by individuals that include some form of interaction with other scholars or scientists are especially encouraged. The HRWC Administrative Committee reviews all applications and decides on space allocations.

Artists: If you are an artist or know someone who would benefit from the opportunity to create at the Whiteley Center, see our Artist in Residence Fellowship.


Unless you are applying before the February 1 deadline for a summer stay, we recommend that you check on the availability of space before submitting an application. Flexibility in starting date will increase the probability of securing space. Please plan your visit carefully. HRWC is a small facility that must judiciously allocate space and time to visitors, especially during peak season. Non-emergency cancellations may result in the denial of future applications.


HRWC is ideally suited to house and provide study space not only for individuals, but also for groups of up to six collaborators. If a group would like to visit, each participant must submit their own application.  Under special circumstances, groups of up to ten may be accommodated, though not during periods of heavy use.  Larger groups should consider applying for use of the conference facilities at FHL.

Length of stay

Applicants should request a length relevant to the nature of the project. In order to accommodate more visitors, short stays (less than one month) are typical during the busy summer months. Repeat visits are welcome but during a twelve-month period, are limited to a cumulative total of three months.


Applicants for space during the busy summer months (June through August) should apply before the February 1 deadline. Summer applications received any time after February 1 will be considered depending on availability of space. Applications for other periods are reviewed when submitted, though not normally more than six months in advance of the intended start date.


Fill out and submit the online Whiteley Center Application.  We will get back to you to let you know if and when we can accommodate you. If you have questions, contact the Whiteley & Office Manager.



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