Housing Facilities

This page refers to FHL Housing, and does not include Whiteley Cottages.  The latter are part of the Whiteley Center, and are only available to admitted Whiteley Scholars.  See our pages on the Whiteley Center for more information.

Note that because the laboratory grounds are a biological preserve, pets are not generally allowed. Those who wish to bring pets to the island must seek housing off-campus or board their pets at a local kennel. Exceptions may be granted for service animals; see the FHL Dog Policy for more information.

Housing for Faculty and Researchers (including Student Researchers)

The following facilities with kitchens are available for rent to faculty and visiting professionals: twelve (studio, one-, and two-bedroom) apartments, twelve two-bedroom cottages, and eight (one- and two-bedroom) duplexes. There is also a single three-bedroom unit (apartment) on campus. Each of the apartments, cottages, and duplexes has a kitchen, living area, and bathroom. Units are assigned as available, with FHL course instructors having first priority.

For graduate students pursuing independent study or working as research/teaching assistants, we have three Graduate Dorm buildings, each of which has five or six private bedrooms, two shared bathrooms, and a shared kitchen. These units are in high demand, and FHL course teaching assistants have first priority.

All units above include basic furniture and have kitchens that are equipped with major appliances, dishes, silverware, pots and pans.

Undergraduate students or post baccalaureates participating in research (outside of FHL courses, apprenticeships, or internships) may stay in a Standard Dorm or Hut (described below, under Housing for Enrolled Students); they are required to subscribe to Full Meal Plans in the Dining Hall.

Housing for Enrolled Students

Students enrolled in an FHL course, research apprenticeship, or research internship will be assigned to a Standard (non-Graduate) Dorm room or Hut, usually double occupancy. A total of 33 dorm rooms are located in three adjacent, gender-inclusive buildings. We have a limited number of private rooms and huts available for an additional fee. You will have an opportunity to request a private room or hut when you fill out the Student Housing and Dining Survey.

These units do not have access to facilities for storing or preparing food, and residents must subscribe to Full Meal Plans in the Dining Hall.

Exterior Dorm A building

Shared restroom and shower facilities in two of the three dorm buildings serve residents of the nearby Huts as well as all the dorm rooms. Dorm rooms are mostly double occupancy with a few single occupancy; each room is furnished with beds (single regular length), dressers and desks. Ample lighting is provided. There is also space to store belongings.

Double-occupancy dorm room

Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, hot plates, microwaves and space heaters are not allowed in the dorm rooms. Small fans are permitted. For student use, a communal refrigerator is available behind Dorm B; a microwave is set up in the Dining Hall for student use.

The 15 Huts are small buildings, each approximately 125 square feet, furnished with one or two beds, a small desk, dresser, and electric heater. The Huts are a short walk from washrooms and toilets in the dorm buildings.

Hut Exterior

Housing for Guests

During quiet periods on campus, we sometimes have extra housing units available for rent to guests of staff, researchers, scholars, or students at FHL.

Housing for Conferences, Field Trips, Workshops, and Retreats.

Depending on availability, visiting groups may reserve FHL housing. See Facilities for Conferences & Field Trips for details.

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