Contacts & Emergency Information

Fernald Front Office (M-F. 8-5): 206-543-1484

Caretakers Michelle & Mike (for urgent needs after office hours): 360-298-0220

In an emergency, first call 911, then call the Front Office during office hours or the FHL caretakers after hours.  In case of fire, do not try to fight it on your own.  For serious injuries, go to Peace Island Medical Center & ER at 1117 Spring St.  For minor injuries, you will find first aid supplies in all labs and the Stockroom, and defibrillators (AEDs) in the Fernald Lab (first floor, near the stairs) and on the R/V Centennial.   In the event of a disaster (earthquake, fire, etc.), please meet in the main parking lot adjacent to Fernald Lab & Whiteley Center.

Arriving & Departing

When you arrive at the labs, you’ll meet with your group organizer(s) to receive your housing assignment and key.  You may check into your housing unit any time after 3 pm.

Please check out of your housing unit by 11:00 am.  Upon departure, remember to dispose of your garbage/recycling in the dumpsters outside and wash your dishes.  You may leave the key inside your locked unit or return it to your group organizer.   If additional staff time is required for cleaning your unit beyond what is ordinarily needed, the group will be billed for the extra time ($50/hour).

Staying at FHL

Coin (quarter)-operated washers and dryers are located on the first floor of Apartment Building A and in the Laundry Building behind the Dining Hall: $2.00/wash and $0.25 for 7 min dryer time. You’ll find a change machine in the Laundry Building. You may exchange your FHL sheets and towels for clean ones every Friday between 8:00 & 8:30 am in the Laundry Building.

Bathrooms.  For those staying in Standard Dorms or Huts, there are men’s and women’s bathrooms with toilets and showers in Dorm Buildings A & B and the Dining Hall.  A gender-neutral bathroom with toilet and shower is on the first floor of the Fernald Lab.

Please report any repairs or items needed in your housing unit to Stephanie Zamora.

Quiet Hours are 10 pm – 7 am.  Please be considerate of our researchers, instructors, and students, many of whom work long hours and must rise early for experiments, field work, or lectures. Even a quiet nighttime chat in a dorm hallway may keep others awake.  An excellent place for night-time discussions is in the Dining Hall.

The FHL campus is on a biological preserve. Please do not feed the wildlife.  Dogs and other pets are not allowed.

You are welcome to bring a car on campus.  We require no permits or feesNote the campus-wide 10 mph speed limit, and drive with great care!   Be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists, and keep an eye out for small children playing on campus.  Park only in designated parking areas.

Camping, Moving Furniture, and More.  Camping or sleeping in vehicles is not permitted on campus. Also, please don’t move furniture, kitchen supplies, or bedding between buildings.

Meals in the Dining Hall must be reserved prior to arrival by your group organizer.  The Dining Hall does not accept reservations or requests from individual group participants.

When using the Dining Hall & Commons for gatherings, please keep the noise down after 10 pm.  Alcohol is not allowed in these or other communal spaces without prior approval from the UW and the purchase of a WA State permit.  When you leave the buildings, return furniture to its place and dispose of all trash & recyclables in the dumpsters behind the buildings.  Thank you!

WiFi.  As your group’s organizer for the password.  Before connecting to our wireless network with your computer, be sure to apply all critical updates and security patches for your operating system and install up-to-date virus protection. Wireless access points are available throughout campus, all with the same password. If you move from one location to another, you may need to switch access points.  Our bandwidth is limited, so please be considerate in using web-intensive products and restrain from streaming video during business hours.  We prohibit the use of distributed file-sharing programs like Limewire or Bit-Torrent at FHL.

Mail & Packages.  You may leave postage-ready, outgoing envelopes for the USPS in the mail slot in the Fernald foyer; we take mail to the town Post Office M-F at 11:30 am.  If you are expecting mail/packages, please notify the Front Office, providing your email address.  You can check for items delivered by USPS in the Fernald Lab foyer, on top of or inside the mailboxes, sorted by last name.  FedEx and UPS deliver to the Stockroom.

You may use the rowboats if you first attend an orientation session (arranged by your group organizer) during this visit.  Children under 14 must have a parent or guardian with them in the boat. Everyone aboard a boat must wear fastened life jackets at all times and if you will be out after dark, you must carry a light.  When you return from an outing, your rowboat must be pulled out of the water and onto the dock, placed upside down on the stack.  Do not use boats while intoxicated.

Children at FHL.  UW policy states: “… children are not authorized to visit laboratories and shops, except as a participant in a formally sponsored tour or educational program, or as the guest and under the supervision of a parent who is a University student, faculty, or staff member….”  Children may be in meeting rooms, but also only under adult supervision.  Children 12 and under on the dock must be directly supervised by someone 16 or older, and must wear life jackets.

Laboratory Safety.  If your group has arranged to work in or visit a lab at FHL, please refer to the UW Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Laboratory Safety Manual, whose rules are explained in detail on the EH&S Laboratory Safety Checklist. Everyone at FHL must follow the guidelines.  No food, beverages, food vessels, or utensils are allowed in labs (including computer labs).

Security Do not leave valuables unsupervised in common areas. Although FHL is a generally safe environment, we have had a few thefts.  Firearms are not permitted on campus.

Smoking, Grills, and other Fire Hazards.  Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings and is allowed outdoors only at designated areas marked on our campus map.  Fireworks and outdoor fires are prohibited anywhere on Lab grounds.  On apartment decks, only gas grills are allowed; charcoal grills are okay on gravel.  The burning of candles, incense or open flame-producing items in residential units is prohibited.  If it your smoke detector beeps to signal the battery is low, do not disable it; let the Front Office know and a new battery will be installed.

Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol consumption is allowed for individuals 21 years of age and older in private rooms.  It is not allowed in any communal spaces (including outdoors) except for official events that have received prior approval from the UW and a WA State Banquet Permit.  Please drink responsibly: improper use of alcohol, including loud and inconsiderate behavior, reflects badly on FHL and our mission for excellence in science and education.  The UW policy reads as follows: “The University prohibits consuming of alcoholic beverages on University property, except in accordance with state of Washington liquor license procedures…  The University also prohibits the unlawful possession, use, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol or controlled substances on University property… …In the …residence hall communities, alcohol use is limited to those of legal age (21) and then only within the confines of a resident’s room. The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited in all residence halls.”

FHL Campus Map

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