Courses can be found by quarter or by keyword search. Please note that some courses are only offered together within a cluster of courses in a quarter — the Zoo-Bot or Marine Biology Quarter. This is explained in the description of said courses.

Students are encouraged to check with an advisor at their home institution to confirm that University of Washington credits earned through coursework at FHL are transferable.

To receive a transcript for a course completed at FHL, follow instructions provided at the this UW website.

Please note that your transcript from UW may list a course title that does not exactly match the title of the course you complete at FHL. The course title on the transcript will list the UW “umbrella” course title under which the FHL course is offered.

FHL courses are graded on a standard numeric grading system: 0.0-4.0. Here’s a link to a UW web page which might be helpful.

9 courses offered in the upcoming quarter (Spring 2017)
  • FHL 101 | Spring 2017

    Introduction to Marine Biology in the San Juan Islands

    Credits: 1 | Instructor(s): Dr. Megan Dethier

    This one-weekend, one-credit course is targeted to University of Washington freshmen or sophomores studying marine biology, biology or environmental science who want to learn more about marine habitats.
  • FHL 333 | Spring 2017

    Science Writing for Diverse Audiences

    Credits: 3 or 5 | Instructor(s): tbd

    Marine Biology Quarter choice: This course will help students read peer-reviewed and public science writing, and understand and analyze those genres with respect to message, structure and target audience.
  • FHL 375 | Spring 2017

    Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea

    Credits: 5 | Instructor(s): Dr. Deborah Giles

    Marine Biology Quarter choice: This course will provide students new to the biological sciences an opportunity to learn about the wide variety of marine mammals found here and the ecosystems that support them.
  • FHL 430/Biol 430 and FHL 440/Biol 445 | Spring 2017

    Marine Zoology and Marine Botany

    Credits: 5 and 5 for total 10 | Instructor(s): Dr. Megan Dethier , Dr. Tom Mumford

    Zoo-Bot Quarter: The Marine Zoology course and the Marine Botany course are designed to complement each other and give students an overview of marine life of the region.
  • FHL 470 | Spring 2017

    Research in Marine Biology

    Credits: 6 | Instructor(s): Dr. Matthew Kolmann

    Zoo-Bot Quarter: Research in Marine Biology will enable students to explore a research topic in close collaboration with a supervisor.
  • FHL 490 | Spring 2017

    Marine Sciences Seminar

    Credits: 1 | Instructor(s): tbd

    Weekly lecture by research scientists covering different fields of research.
  • OCEAN 210 | Spring 2017

    Integrative Oceans

    Credits: 4 | Instructor(s): Dr. James W. Murray

    Marine Biology Quarter choice: The objectives of this course are to learn the patterns of, and processes that cause, the large scale circulation of currents in the surface ocean and deep sea.
  • Q SCI 381 | Spring 2017

    Introduction to Probability and Statistics

    Credits: 5 | Instructor(s): tbd

    Marine Biology Quarter choice: This course will engage students with statistical exercises and activities tailored towards biological and natural resource sciences with a marine focus.
  • z 600, 700, 800 | All Quarters

    Independent Study or Research

    Credits: varies

    During all quarters, graduate students may register for research with the consent of their faculty advisors.
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