Targeting general and specific research needs, FHL offers an array of research facilities including:

  • Research and teaching laboratories (including the FHL Ocean Acidification Environmental Laboratory), with access to supplies and equipment.
  • A stockroom that provides most reagents, labware, photographic materials, and small items of equipment at a nominal charge to students or investigators.
  • A new FHL Ocean Observatory funded by an NSF grant to characterize the temporal environmental processes occurring in the ocean.
  • A Campbell Scientific Weather Station installed at Cantilever Point on the FHL campus. This includes underwater sensors (-1.7 m below MLLW) and temperature loggers deployed along a vertical transect (20 ft to 80 ft).
  • FHL has a new Bruker Skyscan 1173 CT scanner in the Karel F. Liem Imaging Facility that can image specimens up to 140mm in diameter and 200mm in length with a resolution of 7 µm. This tool will allow visualization of morphology at an unprecedented fine scale level for research.

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