Friday Harbor Laboratories welcome students to conduct research here, and offers financial aid opportunities to encourage those who otherwise may not be able to visit FHL. For undergraduate students, the Blinks-REU Summer Internship Program is available. This internship links undergraduate students with scientist-mentors as collaborators in marine science research projects.

For graduate students, FHL Fellowship support is available for qualified applicants to conduct independent marine science research at UW-Friday Harbor Laboratories. Funding for graduate student support derives from generous donations by alumni, scientists and friends of Friday Harbor Laboratories. Note: Students wishing to enroll in a course should follow the financial aid procedures outlined in our student application process.

The purposes of the FHL Fellowships are to enable graduate students to spend productive research time at FHL and benefit from the collaborative atmosphere. To accomplish this goal, we expect awardees to use all funds while in residence at FHL. Unused amounts will go back into the Fellowship Funds to be used for deserving students in future years. Funds may be spent on the following types of uses:

  • FHL on-campus housing (not off campus), Dining Hall fees and Lab or Facilities Use fees.
  • Charges for use of the Ocean Acidification Experimental Laboratory (OAEL), small boats, and the Centennial.
  • Supplies, but not equipment (defined as durable goods with a life of 1+ year, including computer accessories). If your research project requires equipment, it can be covered with permission of the FHL Director, but the equipment will stay at FHL at the conclusion of your stay.

Minimum eligibility guidelines:

Applications are welcome at any time. However, we strongly encourage applicants to apply before February 1 of each year and awards are generally made in March. Students do not need to select from the fellowships. Instead, a committee will convene and assign the fellowship award(s) for each student.

Financial Aid:

Please see the following page for Financial Aid information.

Application Process:

To apply for any of these fellowships please email the five application elements listed below to Dr. Megan Dethier by February 1.

It is not necessary to specify any particular fellowship because the FHL Fellowships Committee will make the decisions. FHL fellowship applications should be addressed to the FHL Fellowship Selection Committee and emailed to Dr. Megan Dethier.

Items 1 and 2 should be combined into one PDF document, submitted as an attachment to email. Item 3 should be a separate, attached Excel file.

  1. A one-page statement of interest outlining your research objectives
  2. Your CV, including previous financial support
  3. An Excel file showing details of financial need, as well as all other support available to you. Because types of housing available will not be known when you apply, please include a line with the dates and your preferred housing type (e.g., student dorm with dining hall, grad dorm where you do your own cooking) but do not estimate these costs; we will do that for you. Do include details of other estimated costs (research vessel time, small boat use, OAEL charges, supplies, other).
  4. One letter of recommendation sent directly from the writer.
  5. FHL’s Application for Research Facilities.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Megan Dethier by email or by phone at 206-616-0764.

Please note: graduate students will rarely be funded for more than 3 years of FHL Fellowship funding so that we may maximize the numbers of students who can do research here; we expect that after 3 years students should be able to seek funding from other sources.

FHL fellowships include the following:

The Beatrice Crosby Booth Endowed Scholarship supports research and coursework at Friday Harbor Laboratories.
The Patricia L. Dudley Endowment supports research or scholarships for the study of systematics, the structure of marine organisms, or marine invertebrate ecology. It is desirable that findings contribute to the understanding of evolutionary relationships.
The Carrington Travel Fund provides funding to help graduate and undergraduate students with travel expenses.
The Friday Harbor Fellows Fund (aka the Blinks Fellowship) supports students including those from under-represented groups.
The Alan J. Kohn Endowed Fellowship supports research and coursework in invertebrate zoology.
The Charles Lambert Memorial Endowment provides assistance to graduate students for research and/or coursework at FHL that includes cell or developmental biology of marine invertebrates, or any aspect of ascidian biology.
The Japan/US Scholar Exchange Program: The E.S. Morse Institute seeks to support scholarly (both students and scientists) exchanges between FHL and Japanese marine laboratories.
The Brooks and Suzanne Ragen FHL Endowed Scholarship supports graduate or undergraduate students who conduct research or attend a class at Friday Harbor Laboratories.
The Kenneth P. Sebens Endowed Student Support budget supports undergraduate and graduate students at Friday Harbor Labs.
The Richard and Megumi Strathmann Endowed Fellowship supports graduate students working on natural and physical science problems in the Pacific Northwest.
The Stephen and Ruth Wainwright Endowment Fellowship supports research in functional morphology.

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