2019 Researcher/Visitor Rates, UW Budget

These rates apply only to expenses paid on a UW budget, regardless of a person’s UW affiliation. If paying otherwise, please see Researchers and Scholars Standard Rates.

**Researchers and scholars staying on campus are required to purchase Dining Dollars and pay Facilities Use Fees (with exceptions noted below).


New/Rehab & Whiteley Cottages,
Apartments, Duplexes
Unit Daily Unit Weekly Unit Monthly
3 Bedroom $93 $521 $1656
2 Bedroom $80 $448 $1424
1 Bedroom $66 $370 $1175
Studio $52 $292 $926
Dorm Room or Hut, Private
(includes Grad Dorm)
$28 $157 $499
Dorm Room or Hut, Shared
Per Person
$24.50 $138 $437

Guests (those invited by researchers, scholars, students or staff) staying in a separate unit will be charged an additional $10/night/unit.

If after departure, additional staff time is required for cleaning a unit beyond what is ordinarily needed, you will be billed for extra time at a rate of $50/hour.

Bedding: Housing rates include two flat sheets (fitted sheets not available), a pillow with pillowcase, blanket and a towel per bed.  Weekly linen exchange (on Fridays, 8-8:30 am) provided free of charge.


Full meal plans are required for those staying in non-kitchen units (huts and dorms, excluding grad dorms). Researchers and scholars staying four or more days in all other units are required to purchase Dining Dollars, which may be used toward any food or beverage in the Dining Hall. Meals for children 10 and under are half price.

Meals, Non-Student:

  • Breakfast $12
  • Lunch $16
  • Dinner $20
  • Brunch $28

Meals, Student1:

  • Breakfast $10
  • Lunch $13
  • Dinner $17
  • Brunch $23

Full Meal Plans (daily rates only):

  • Non-Students: $48/day
  • Students: $40/day

Dining Dollars (weekly rates):

  • Students $13/week (equivalent to one lunch)
  • Professionals $40/week (equivalent to two dinners)

Facilities Use Fee

All researchers and scholars on campus, except students and those with lab space, will be charged Facilities Use Fee. The rates per researcher/scholar are as follows:

  • Daily $10
  • Weekly $56
  • Monthly $180

Boat Use

  • For RV Centennial and ROV rates, please contact Dr. Derek Smith.
  • Motorboats2: $24/hour
  • Rowboats3: free of charge
  1. A student is any person enrolled in a university, college, or K-12 school.
  2. Use of motorboats requires a WA State Boater Educational Card and a check out from our Boat Safety Officer. For more information, please contact Kristy Kull.
  3. Use of rowboats requires a rowboat orientation. For orientations scheduled after hours, there is a $50 charge. For more information, please contact Kristy Kull.


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