The charges for a Whiteley Cottage include Tech Fees and use of the Whiteley Study Center.  There is no longer a separate Facility Use Fee.

For rates, Whiteley visitors should refer to Whiteley Rates – paying by card/check/cash. If paying directly from a UW budget, see Whiteley Rates – paying on UW budget.

10 Day Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel all or part of your stay, please notify the Whiteley & Office Manager in writing at least 10 days before the first date to be cancelled. For any dates cancelled fewer than 10 days in advance, FHL will charge 20% of estimated expenses and any fees.

Cleaning Policy

If after departure, additional staff time is required for cleaning a housing unit or lab space beyond what is ordinarily needed, you will be billed for extra time at a rate of $57.20 + tax ($50 on UW budget)/hour.


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