In June 2006, a Campbell Scientific Weather Station was installed at Cantilever Point on the FHL campus by the Carrington lab. We added underwater sensors (-1.7 m below MLLW) in March 2010. Temperature loggers have also been deployed along a vertical transect (20ft to 80ft) by the Sebens lab since 2006. Each parameter monitored by the weather station is listed below with the corresponding unit of measurement and instrument.

FHL Weather Data

NANOOS Weather Data

Parameter Unit Intrument
Rainfall mm Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (Texas Electronics)
Total Radiation (solar + sky) W m-2 Net Radiometer (REBS)
Solar Radiation W m-2 Pyranometer (LI200X)
Solar Radiation PAR (μmol m-2 s-1) Quantum Sensor (LICOR)
Wind Speed Wind Monitor: propeller & vane (R.M. Young Wind Monitors)
Wind Direction Degrees (relative to true N)
Relative Humidity % Air Temp and Humidity Probe (PRT and Vaisala HUMICAP 180)
Air Temperature  oC
Wind Chill  oC
Intertidal Temperature  oC Thermocouple Wire
Seawater Temperature  oC Thermistor (SeaBird Microcat)
Seawater Temperature at Depth (20ft to 80ft) oC Thermocouple (Onset Hobo Temp Loggers)
Seawater Salinity  PSU Conductivity meter (SeaBird Microcat)
Seawater pH  pH units Field-effect pHmeter (Honeywell Durafet III)
Underwater Radiation  PAR (μmol m-2 s-1) Integrating Sphere (LICOR)

Click here to go directly to the weather station data. This link will take you to the Vista Data Vision data browser. From here choose a site and page (see below for list). Note that verified data had been checked for errors.

FHL Main Tower
Air temperature, Wind, Relative Humidity, Rainfall,
Solar Radiation (Total, PAR, and UVB)

Pumphouse A (unverified only)
Temperature Models: Snails

Pumphouse B (unverified only)
Temperature Models: Barnacle

Shady Cove
Pumphouse Temp along depth transect (20-80 ft)
White Sign

Temperature, salinity, and conductivity
Underwater light
pH (unverified only)

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