From the first page of the HRWC Guest Book written by Arthur H. Whiteley:

Forgive the conceit. After World War II, when the Labs reopened, several of us visualized the Labs as much more than a fine summer station as it had been. Our pressure, persistence and, we think, vision led to an evolution of the Labs into a year-around, multi-national, exciting teaching and research entity. The Studies are named for these friends:

Our leader was Robert L. Fernald — hence BOB’S STUDY.

Bob’s Study

Dixy Lee Ray was, then, a dedicated environmentalist, and brought many exciting foreign scientists here — so DIXY’S STUDY.

Dixy’s Study

Our finest scholar, loved by all, was Paul Illg — therefore PAUL’s Study

Few understand the very important role played by Arthur W. Martin — Zoology Chairman. He recognized the great value of the Labs to the Department of Zoology and the Seattle campus in general and went to extremes to help us develop our research at the Labs, bring our graduate students here, and develop the suite of important courses still in effect. As our senior, he kept our enthusiasm properly directed. I, also an Arthur, helped in several ways. Hence ARTHURS’ STUDY.

Soon many wonderful graduate students appeared and contributed scholarship and enthusiasm. With only four original buildings to be named, all of these important students can’t be recognized:

Charles Lambert — enthusiasm, expertise, persistence, devotion to his science — hence CHARLIE’S COTTAGE.

Charlie’s Cottage

Richard Cloney — all of the above, and a father to our important embryology course — so RICHARD’S COTTAGE

Eleri Ann James Frazier — a brilliant, vivacious, talented and thoughtful scholar transplanted from England — ANN’S COTTAGE.

Fu-Shiang Chia — escaped from China, educated in Taiwan — a whirl wind in the Zoology Department at UW, an incredible ambassador for marine science here, in England, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the world — Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Alberta — so FU-SHIANG’S COTTAGE.

Let dozens of others be represented by these four.

With the finishing of the last three cottages, the Center has now been completed. How, now, do I name these three new cottages? My need is to recognize what others have done to help me make them possible.

One is utterly simple. When I needed to stop with two, Ben Hall said there will be three cottages. Margaret Hall concurred. Their great encouragement and gift made this possible. So clearly – “Ben’s Hall” (too cute) – BEN’S COTTAGE.

Encouraged by Ben’s and Margaret’s example, the Washington Research Foundation stepped forward and matched the Halls’ and all other gifts to complete this campus. Please, all who pass by join me and give sincere thanks to WRF, and know that THE WRF COTTAGE owes its existence to the Washington Research Foundation.

Dearest to me, Helen’s and my colleagues and friends and scholars who have used the Center joined us in appreciation of integrity in scholarship. Through their individual contributions added to the collective donations of many segments of the UW faculty, it became possible to complete the HRW Center. So what else – FRIENDS’ COTTAGE.

The Washington Research Foundation has provided $100,000.

Over $100,000 was contributed by

Ben & Margaret Hall
Billy Brizzard
Bruce Balik
Carl Bergstrom
Carla & John Stroh
Charles & Gretchen Lambert
Cristopher Docksey & Karen Williams
Dany Adams
David L. Linemeyer
Doug & Rosellen Easton
Eugene & Martha Nester
Howard & Helga Young
James & Rebecca Kronstad
Jane Lubchenco & Bruce Menge
Jan Van Galen
John P. Desrosier
Kelly Brown
Lee F. Adams
Marian Schuster
Mineo Iwata
Philip Schuyler
Richard Whitaker
Steven Vogel and…
The College of Engineering, UW
The Friday Harbor Laboratories, UW
The School of Medicine, UW
The School of Nursing, UW
The Division of Natural Sciences, UW

Thank you all!

Arthur Whiteley
September 21, 2002


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