This policy applies to UW FHL and all UW owned properties under the management of FHL, including False Bay, Argyle Lagoon, Cedar Rock Preserve, and Fred & Marilyn Ellis Preserve.  It applies to land, water, buildings, structures and marine vessels owned or operated by FHL, and is adopted in conformance with Washington Administrative Code 478-128-030


Dogs are not allowed, with the exception of service animals on leash.


The purpose of this policy is to protect the flora and fauna of UW biological preserves.  More specific reasons and rules for each preserve are set forth below.

FHL Campus

FHL campus is the site of UW main educational facilities in the San Juan Islands.  Although developed more than the other preserves, its grounds and the surrounding forest lands are part of the terrestrial environment where flora and fauna are protected to minimize harm and preserve natural conditions within the context of active educational and research use.  Dogs are not allowed on the grounds of FHL, in any buildings or structures, on trails through the forest lands, or on marine vessels that may be docking at FHL or any of its preserves.

False Bay

False Bay is a biologically sensitive marine preserve that serves as an important feeding and resting stop-over for migrating shorebirds and also feeds a number of resident aquatic birds including great blue herons.  Dogs chase birds and interrupt their needed resting or feeding at low tide.  Dogs may also maul seal pups that have been left along the shoreline while their mothers are out feeding.  The research on sand and mud-dwelling invertebrates that takes place at False Bay may be disturbed by dogs.  Dogs are prohibited in order to protect research and wildlife in or on the tidal bay and are also prohibited on the UW-owned uplands which includes False Bay Creek.

Argyle Lagoon

Argyle Lagoon is a biologically sensitive site and research area.  Dogs may cause harm to wildlife and disrupt research conditions. Dogs are prohibited from entering into the Lagoon and from its perimeter.

Cedar Rock Preserve and Fred & Marilyn Ellis Preserve on Shaw Island

Cedar Rock Preserve and the Fred & Marilyn Ellis Preserve are biological preserves in which native flora and fauna is protected.  Dogs are not allowed in any buildings or structures or on the grounds or beaches, or in any other location within the boundaries of these preserves.

See these websites for more information: and specifically WAC 478-128-030(5) (UW policy on dogs)

Adopted: December, 2016

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