1. Nobody goes snorkeling alone. A second snorkeler can act as a buddy in the water, or the snorkeler/snorkeling buddy team may have a surface-support person/boat-tender. This person is required to be equipped with a cell phone and a flotation device. If both buddies are in the water, the cell phone and flotation device must be accessible and nearby. (If properly trained, it is recommended that the surface-support also have an oxygen kit with them.)
  2. If snorkeling as a team, only one buddy free-dives at a time while the other remains breathing normally at the surface to observe them.
  3. The maximum depth permitted for free-diving is 15.
  4. A dive flag must be raised whenever and wherever people are snorkeling/free-diving.
  5. When snorkeling around the FHL dock, NO FREE-DIVING under the breakwater.
  6. When snorkeling in any location with entanglements/obstructions (kelp, fishing line, etc.) it is strongly recommended that the diver be equipped with a knife or cutting shears.
  7. The snorkeler/free-diver must check weather and currents and plan trips accordingly.

Snorkel/Free-Dive Check-out form (pdf): This form must be filled out by the diver and signed by FHL DSO.

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