FHL 430/Biol 430, FHL 440/Biol 445, and FHL 470 | Spring 2019

Marine Zoology, Marine Botany, and Research in Marine Biology 2019

Credits: 16

Instructor(s): Dr. Megan Dethier , Dr. Tom Mumford , Dr. Jason Hodin


Zoo-Bot Program

For the Zoo-Bot Program, students participate in the following 3 required courses, plus optional Marine Sciences Seminar, for a total of 16 or 17 credits:

  • Marine Zoology (FHL 430/Biol 430, 5 credits)
  • Marine Botany (FHL 440/Biol 445, 5 credits)
  • Research in Marine Biology: Metamorphosis in the Ocean and Across Kingdoms (FHL 470, 6-credit Research Experience)
  • (optional) Marine Sciences Seminar (FHL 490, 1 credit)
FHL 430/BIOL 430 and FHL 440/BIOL 445: Marine Zoology and Marine Botany

The Zoology and Botany courses survey marine invertebrates, algae and marine vascular plants represented in the San Juan Archipelago; natural history, ecology, and taxonomy. Frequent local intertidal field trips to a variety of habitats allow students to study organisms in their natural environments, and dredging collection trips on the RV Centennial permit exploration of subtidal systems. Lectures are followed by detailed laboratory study of live organisms often collected by the student. All students also perform organized outreach activities with local schools.

A 4-day camping field trip to the exposed rocky coast of Vancouver Island enables study of the organis


Research in Marine Biology will enable students to engage in a practical research experience in close collaboration with supervisors.

At the beginning of the quarter, students will learn how to rear marine larvae and will observe them develop through metamorphosis (which can take weeks). As they become familiar with the larvae, students will brainstorm with the instructor and/or other FHL researchers regarding possible avenues of research. Students will then carry out a project, writing up and presenting their results at the end of the quarter.

UW students earn “W” credit. No textbook is required for this course.

photo credit: Kai Mumford
photo credit: Kai Mumford
photo credit: Tom Mumford
photo credit: Tom Mumford

Marine Zoology will be taught by Dr. Megan Dethier from the University of Washington Department of Biology and Friday Harbor Laboratories.

Marine Botany will be taught by Dr. Thomas Mumford from the University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories.

Research in Marine Biology will be taught by Dr. Jason Hodin, Senior Research Scientist, University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories.