FHL/BIOL 432 | Summer A 2017

Marine Invertebrate Zoology

Credits: 9

Instructor(s): Dr. Gustav Paulay , Dr. Peter Funch


Upper-Division Course (400-level) appropriate for upper-level undergraduates or graduate students

Photo: Mikhail Matz
Photo: Mikhail Matz

This course takes advantage of the rich marine biota of the San Juan Islands to teach the principles of animal organization and biodiversity. It emphasizes comparative study of form and function, and of complexity and diversity in phylogenetic and environmental contexts. It focuses on the study of living animals in the laboratory and field in the diverse marine habitats surrounding San Juan Island.

Applications are welcome from advanced undergraduate students, post-baccalaureates and graduate students. Prior coursework in invertebrate biology or animal diversity will be useful; if in doubt, please contact one of the instructors.

Instructors for this course are:

  • Dr. Gustav Paulay, University of Florida: Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Dr. Peter Funch, Aarhus University: Department of Bioscience – Genetics, Ecology and Evolution

Enrollment is limited to 20 students. No textbook is required for this course.