BIOL 180 | Spring 2020

Introductory Biology 2020

Credits: 5

Instructor(s): Dr. Hannah Jordt


This course is offered as part of the Spring Marine Studies (SMS) program.

Course topics include Mendelian genetics, evolution, biodiversity of life forms, ecology, and conservation biology. Open to all students interested in biology whether intending to major in the biological sciences or enroll in preprofessional programs.

Textbook required:  Biological Science by Scott Freeman, 6th edition. Either full text or custom UW Bio180 edition available. More information will be sent to enrolled students 1 month before classes begin.

Notes for UW students:
• This course fulfills a Natural World requirement.
• This course fulfills a core requirement of the Marine Biology major.
• BIOL 180 is first course in a three-quarter series: BIOL 180, BIOL 200, BIOL 220.