FHL 471 | Autumn 2019

Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Marine Organisms 2019

Credits: 5

Instructor(s): Dr. Adam Summers

Prerequisites: BIOL 220 (Animal Physiology, Plant Development & Physiology) OR BIOL 240 (Intensive Introductory Biology) OR FISH 270 (Aquatic Physiology); recommend QSCI 381 (Intro to Probability & Statistics) or equivalent. NOTE: if you have not taken one of the courses listed above, you may still be able to enroll in this course with permission from the instructor; email Dr. Summers to ask.

This course is offered as part of Autumn Marine Studies 2019.

In this course, you will learn about the challenges and opportunities presented by the marine environment, with a focus on the relationship between organismal form and physiological function in marine animals (invertebrates as well as vertebrates) and plants. You will get hands-on experience testing anatomical and physiological phenomena you hear about in lecture, with labs covering numerous techniques including physiology experiments, testing of biomechanical properties, and CT scanning.

No textbook required.