This week we have the 50th Anniversary of the Northwest Developmental Biology Conference at FHL.  The regional conference was started in 1967, by Arthur Whiteley, a UW Biology Professor,  continued for nearly 30 years by Lynn Riddifiord (UW Biology) with a Developmental Biology Training Grant from NIH, and has been continued by the Seattle Developmental Biology Group since then.

We had planned on bringing Martin Chalfie (2008 Nobel Prize for GFP) this week, but he is unable to make it.  We have invited him for next year and hope that he can make it and let us know his latest work on C. elegans!

Instead, the Whiteley lecture this evening at 8:00PM in the Dining Hall will be our very own Jim Truman, who is working with Lynn Riddifiord now in Lab 10 and looking at beautiful images of neural systems in invertebrates.

The talk Title is “Arthropod Neuronal Hemi-lineages: a basis for NeuroEvoDevo”

Jim is the past winner of the Golden Maggot Award, and has worked in years at Janelia Farms at HHMI, until moving to FHL last September.

We are looking forward to hearing more about what Jim plans to do here at FHL!!