The FHL Ocean Acidification Environmental Laboratory (OAEL) is an experimental facility in Lab 12 that includes an analytical chemistry laboratory (Total Alkalinity and spectrophotometric pH), indoor mesocosms (150 L aquaria) fed by a custom seawater-CO2 blending system and temperature control, and laboratory space. Operated by Drs. Emily Carrington ( and Carolyn Friedman (, this state-of-the-art ocean acidification facility offers unique research and instructional opportunities for experimental manipulations with on-site monitoring of carbonate system parameters. FHL’s location, facilities, and educational mission combine to make an ideal site for the experimental and analytical facility.

The OAEL operated as a cost center from 2011-2019, with dedicated full-time staff. Currently, the OAEL is unstaffed and no longer relies on fees to maintain and operate the expensive and sensitive equipment.  The OAEL is therefore available only to experienced users who provide their own supplies, oversee and troubleshoot their own experiments, and are prepared to pay for replacement parts and equipment. If you are interested in using the facility, please contact Emily or Carolyn, preferably with 3-4 months lead time.


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