Credits and Grades

Students who complete an FHL course earn University of Washington (UW) credits, graded on a standard numeric grading system: 0.0-4.0. If you are not a UW student, speak with an advisor at your home institution to find out how credits you earn at FHL may transfer and be applied to degree requirements. UW students should contact their major advisor to check on how FHL courses may count toward requirements.  Here is a list of UW advisors for common majors:

Obtaining a Transcript for an FHL Course

UW students will see FHL courses appear on their transcript just like any other UW course. Non-UW students can obtain a transcript for their FHL courses from the UW Registrar: after completing the courses (and after the quarter has ended), follow the link below to order the transcript.  You will need your UW NetID for this.

A NOTE ABOUT COURSE TITLES ON TRANSCRIPTS: You may see an “umbrella” title that does not exactly match the title that we list here, as FHL courses are often offered under UW umbrella titles. Some students choose to print (or copy a link to) the FHL course description with title from this website to have for their records and show to advisors as needed; this may be especially useful for non-UW students when requesting to transfer FHL course credits to their home institutions.


Setting up a UW NetID (for non-UW Students)

A UW NetID is required for all students. If you don’t already have one, it’s important to set one up as soon as you begin courses at FHL. You will need the UW Student ID Number and Private Access Code (PAC) that you received from UW Continuum College/PCE either 1) when you registered for a summer course, 2) when you received a transaction summary after registering for a Research Apprenticeship, or 3) when you arrived to FHL after registering for a Marine Studies or Zoo-Bot program. If you are unsure about your Student ID or PAC, contact FHL Student Services. We can provide your UW Student ID and you can then call UW to request your PAC (only provided directly to the student): 206-543-8580 x 0.


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