Groups visiting FHL must follow University of Washington policies and procedures for the use of UW facilities and alcohol service, administered through the UW Office of Special Programs.



If you have reserved a meeting space (Commons, Lecture Hall, Dining Hall, Conference Room, etc.) for your group at Friday Harbor Labs, you will need to obtain permission from the University of Washington Office of Special Programs to hold your event in that space.  The exception to this requirement is if the group is comprised entirely of UW faculty, staff, and students.

PROCEDURES: Use of University Facilities (UUF) Request

Submit a UUF request.

When filling out the UUF Form:

  • You must list a sponsor. UW organizers should list their unit director, dean, or chair.  Non-UW organizers can list Bernadette Holthuis, FHL Operations Manager.  *If listing Bernadette or a UW person, first select “My sponsor is already registered in this list” in order to search for the name.
  • Under Building Name, select “Friday Harbor Labs (FHL)”.
  • Under Room Number, select the building in which you will be serving alcohol, e.g. “Commons (FHL Commons)” or “Dining Hall (FHL Dining Hall).”
  • All days and locations must be listed individually. Click on “Add Date & location” to add them, one at a time, to your request. Unlike for Alcohol Service Requests, you may list all dates and locations on a single form.



Those of legal age (21 and over) may consume alcohol inside their private housing units, but not in general shared spaces such as dorm hallways or outdoor areas. If your group has reserved a meeting space at FHL (e.g. the Dining Hall, Commons, or Lecture Hall) and you wish to have alcohol in that room, you may do so if you 1) obtain prior approval from UW, 2) purchase a WA State Permit, 3) post hard copies of the UW approval and state permit in the room at the time of your event.

WA State Permits – which type will you need?

You will need either a Banquet Permit or a Special Occasion License from the State of Washington. The latter is more expensive and requires a more involved application (submitted at least 45 days prior to the event). Most groups serving alcohol at FHL require only a Banquet Permit. You will NOT need a Special Occasion License as long as your group event:

  • Is only for invited guests (i.e. not open to the public);
  • Will not involve the selling or auctioning of alcohol;
  • Will not be serving specially discounted/donated alcohol.


1) First file an Alcohol Service Request (ASR) with UWYou must submit a separate ASR for each date and FHL space in which you plan to serve alcohol.

When filling out your Alcohol Service Request (ASR):

  • You need not answer questions without asterisks (e.g. the one about “prominent participants”).
  • You need only list a sponsor if your group is a UW student organization. Your sponsor should be the director, dean, or chair of the unit. *Do not list Bernadette Holthuis as your ASR Sponsor.
  • Under Building Name, select “Friday Harbor Labs (FHL)”.
  • Under Room Number, select the building in which you will be serving alcohol, e.g. “Commons (FHL Commons)” or “Dining Hall (FHL Dining Hall).”
  • In response to ..”are you serving alcohol donated or purchased at a DISCOUNTED price ….,” select “no” unless your group is receiving a special, group-specific donation or discount.Buying the alcohol at a good price from Costco does not qualify as a “discounted price” in this context.
  • In response to “For this event, is EVERY guest specifically invited via a closed guest list?” answer yes and mark “Banquet,” unless your event will be open to the general public and not just members of your group, in which case you should mark “Special Occasion License (SOL).”

2) Upon UW approval of the ASR, purchase the required Banquet Permit(s) or Special Occasion License(s) from the State of Washington (again, one permit for each space).

3) When your event begins at FHL, post hard copies of both the UW ASR Approval and the WA State permit in the room(s) where alcohol is being served.  Each room requires a separate Alcohol Service Request and State Permit.



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