By Professor Billie J. Swalla

Billie Swalla
Dr. Billie Swalla – FHL Director

Happy New Year!

We hope that you enjoyed the holidays with your family and loved ones.  We look back on FHL Events in 2017 and reminisce about the sad losses and progress made:

  1. 3/8/17    Adam Summers was the College of the Environment Keynote Speaker for a Dawg Days in the Desert Event: “What Lies Within”
  2. 3/25/17    Memorial Gathering to honor Mark Tetrick, FHL Administrator
  3. 5/1/17    Jeff Bronstein began as new FHL Administrator
  4. 5/20/17    Annual FHL Open House
  5. 5/31/17    Dr. Katie Dobkowski, graduate student of Dr. Jennifer Ruesink, received her Ph.D. from UW Biology, and continued with a Postdoctoral position in the UW Biology Department.  Her thesis title: Biotic and Abiotic Influences on Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) Abundance and Distribution in the Salish Sea
  6. 6/6/17    Dr. Eliza Heery, graduate student of Dr. Ken Sebens, received her Ph.D. from UW Biology, and left for a 3-year Postdoctoral position in Singapore.  Her thesis title: Benthic subtidal assemblages and ecological processes in urbanized seascapes of Puget Sound, Washington, USA
  7. 6/26/17   Illg Lecture by Lauren Mullineaux & Sea Star Society reception
  8. 7/22/17   E.S. Morse Institute’s 6th anniversary at Trish Morse’s residence
  9. 7/23/17   Beach Walk with UW President Ana Mari Cauce
  10. 7/28/17   Dr. Shawn Luttrell, graduate student of Dr. Billie Swalla, received her Ph.D. from UW Biology, and continued with a Postdoctoral position in UW ISCRM (Institute for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine).  Her thesis title: Exploring the Mechanisms of Regeneration in  Ptychodera flava
  11. 7/29/17   Koz Fest Memorial Gathering to honor Dr. Eugene Kozloff
  12. 8/1/17   Dr. Mackenzie Gerringer began her Postdoctoral studies with Dr. Adam Summers
  13. 8/5/17   Dr. Jon Stern’s Memorial at The Whale Museum
  14. 8/12/17   Jazz at the Labs – FHL Science Outreach Programs funded!
  15. 10/31/17   Anne Kozloff passed away one day before her 100th Birthday
  16. 12/31/17   Matt Kolmann, FHL Postdoctoral Associate, departed for a new Postdoctoral position
  17. 1/1/18   Brent Hughes, new FHL Postdoctoral Associate, began

Best wishes to all in 2018!

Billie J. Swalla
Director, Friday Harbor Laboratories

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