This month’s Tide Bite highlights the blending of art and science – two fields that might seem at odds, but not at FHL!  We encourage these cross-disciplinary interactions, including Adam Summers’ work mentioned below and in previous events that combined poets, writers and marine scientists.  Nature makes beautiful patterns and organisms; highlighting and celebrating these with art brings pleasure to many people.

On a more macroscopic scale, FHL is undergoing a big boat transition.  We are downsizing our research vessel from the beloved Centennial to the smaller but similarly-equipped Kittiwake, which we will be able to operate at a lower cost to our classes and researchers.  Change is hard, but we are convinced this is the right thing to do.  We are raising funds for this purchase; if you can help, please contact Rachel Anderson at 206-616-0760 or, or give online.  Thanks very much!

Dr. Megan Dethier
FHL Interim Director

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