This month’s Tide Bite is written by one of our FHL success stories, a young woman who first came here as a post-bac to take a Fall course.   She returned as a technician and diving student,  got pulled into a fascination with eelgrass as a result of her research, and then applied to graduate school building on those experiences and was accepted at Cornell!  Since then Olivia has regularly spent her field seasons here, doing lots of diving and lab work investigating different facets of eelgrass disease and also mentoring younger students, thus passing the torch once again.  We love seeing these student-scientists thrive and eventually go out into the wider world – and not infrequently, they come back as professors and class instructors.  This phenomenon provides long-term continuity to aspects of our research and education programs, and is one of many facets that make FHL special.
Dr. Megan Dethier
FHL Interim Director
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