This month’s Tide Bites describes a lovely story of biological serendipity and the enormous value of our scholarship program.  For over 100 years, students have been getting swept up in the passion of studying live marine organisms and their habitats while based at FHL.  I first came here as a graduate student in 1976, and have managed to find ways to stay for my whole career!  My own research is on shoreline ecology – what a great place this island is for someone in my field – but I also have the annual joy of teaching invertebrate zoology, and share the love of picking through mud looking for the bizarre life forms found there.  My current job as Interim Director involves lots of thinking about the future, where we want to go as an institution and how we can best get there.  We know that at its core FHL will remain a place where students (and ‘grown-ups’!) can come to study their own little bit of nature, and where scientific discourse and creativity thrive.

Dr. Megan Dethier
FHL Interim Director

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