Dear FHL Friends and Family,

February 2019 brought lots of snow to San Juan Island and we do not have the equipment to deal with it well here, so we had to wait until warmer weather and rain came to melt it.  Friday Harbor Labs suspended operations for two and half days, and some staff were snowed in at home for nearly a week.  FHL’s Maintenance and Custodial Teams braved the weather and kept things running, even with small crews: thanks to all of you that kept our campus working through the bad weather!

We are so pleased with this month’s Tide Bite by Matt George, who received his PhD working with Professor Emily Carrington in UW’s Biology department.  Matt is now a research fellow at the Mayo Clinic, an achievement which demonstrates the versatility of the work he did on mussel byssal threads.

With warm wishes,
Billie J. Swalla
Director, Friday Harbor Laboratories

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