Dear FHL Friends and Family,

Happy Summer!  Here at FHL, the students and instructors of the first 5-week summer session have left and we are into the second week of session B.  We have a new group of energetic students, working and studying together.  We are enjoying an unusually sunny and beautiful summer on San Juan Island, adding to the ambiance of a busy research community.  The three excellent FHL summer courses being taught right now are:

Ecology and Conservation of Marine Birds & Mammals (FHL/FISH 492)
Fish Biomechanics (FHL 528)
Fjord Ecosystems and Climate Change (FHL 568 B)

We were pleased to welcome the new University of Washington Provost, Professor Mark Richards, to the FHL campus last week and hope to see him back again.

With warm wishes,

Billie J. Swalla
Director, Friday Harbor Laboratories
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