Greetings FHL friends and family,

Happy Fourth of July!

Friday Harbor Labs is having a very busy summer, with 46 students learning in our three active courses:
Marine Invertebrate Zoology (FHL/BIOL 432)
Marine Botany: Diversity and Ecology (FHL 446)
Marine Subtidal Ecology (FHL 568 A)

We have an enthusiastic group of undergraduate researchers in an FHL Blinks/BEACON/REU program, and summer activities such as our annual “Jazz at the Labs” which supports our K-12 program.  We’re also fundraising this summer for a new building that will accommodate the increase in students expected with a new Marine Biology major that will come on line this Fall in the UW’s College of the Environment.

Summer is such a busy time at  FHL and we love the critical marine research and training that’s carried out in an atmosphere of inclusion and cooperation.  We hope you’ll march in the Fourth of July parade with us and show the  Friday Harbor community that we do great science and have fun!
Enjoy your holiday!
Billie J. Swalla
Director, Friday Harbor Laboratories
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