Welcome to FHL, for those who have just arrived!

This spring we will have seminars every Weds at 4 pm in the Commons, except for one week when the talk will be on Monday, and for the last week of the quarter when we will have student project talks instead (TBD).

This week our speaker is Morgan Eisenlord, Cornell University and FHL: “Tipping the balance: What can eelgrass and sea stars tell us about marine disease in a changing ocean?”

For those of you taking the seminar series for 1 credit, a brief introduction about the requirements for that will be given today before the talk. You should also be able to see the full list and requirements in a document on the Canvas site for FHL490.

Please be polite to the speaker and your and your colleagues and BE ON TIME. We will start promptly at 4 pm.

See you there!

Spring 2017 FHL Seminar Series