It’s been a tough month for all of us here at FHL, and winter is lingering: we had snow falling at least three separate times in February. We are not used to snow on San Juan Island, so we tough it out until it melts, but it’s disruptive.

Our FHL staff have been busy preparing for the spring, summer and fall sessions ahead, and processing researcher and student applications. We have an excellent summer schedule, so please encourage your students to come and take a course here this summer. It can be a wonderful, life changing experience. We thank our many supporters who participate in the Adopt-A-Student Program, financially helping students come to FHL for the summer and getting the chance to meet that student.

This month one of FHL’s long-term researchers, Sylvia Yamada, writes about her work on the red rock crab. You’ve probably seen Sylvia, zip ties sticking out of her hip pocket, as she walks around with her bucket full of crabs. Read about her research and how it will be used to manage the red rock crab fisheries.

We hope that spring is just around the corner!

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