During Your Stay at FHL Post-Quarantine

You are under quarantine for your first 14 days at FHL or until you present the negative results of a viral test performed at least three days after you’ve arrived on island; while you are under quarantine, follow the Quarantine Rules and Procedures.


  • Do not leave San Juan County during your stay at FHL.
  • Go to town only for groceries, toiletries, and medications; the three retail establishments allowed to enter are King’s, Marketplace, and Friday Harbor Drug.
  • No eating/drinking in restaurants/bars, though you may pick up take-out food.
  • Make any visit to town as short as possible.
  • Other than essential town visits, limit other trips off campus to outdoor excursions; during such excursions, maintain distance from island residents.
  • Do not enter the housing unit of anyone who is not a member of your pod.
  • Face coverings are always required in indoor spaces other than your housing unit, and outdoors unless you are alone.
  • At all times, maintain at least six feet distance from non podmates and minimize close contact (< 6 feet) with podmates.
  • You may enter FHL commons spaces (including Stockroom, Library, etc.) unless told otherwise for specific areas.
  • When entering a common space to pick up, purchase, or return items (e.g. in the Stockroom or Fernald mailbox foyer), keep your visits brief.
  • In indoor spaces, follow posted COVID-19 capacity limits.
  • Take notice and follow any floor stickers indicating where to stand while waiting (e.g. in the Dining Hall and Stockroom).
  • Do not enter the Stockroom to retrieve packages; all parcels from USPS, UPS, and FedEx will be placed on a table outside the Stockroom entrance, and remain available there Mon-Fri, 8-5. If a package arrives for you, Peggy will let you know by email.
  • Disinfect common-use equipment (including computers) before and after you use it, using the supplies provided nearby.
  • As much as possible, use only the bathroom in your housing unit.
  • Only ride in vehicles, rowboats, and motorboats with members of your own pod.
  • Whenever you receive an email link for a Daily Attestation Survey, please clink on the link and submit the survey that morning.
  • You are responsible for your family members, course students, and research assistants knowing and abiding by the rules in the Prevention Plan.
  • You and your pod members are collectively responsible for maintaining the integrity of your pod and monitoring each other to make sure everyone is following the rules about distancing between pods.
  • Support and encourage others in the FHL community in following the Prevention Plan rules. If you observe someone putting the safety or well-being of others at risk, notify the FHL Director or Operations Manager.

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