Wifi, Computers, & Printers

Wifi. Before connecting to the FHL wireless network with your computer, be sure to apply all critical updates and security patches for your operating system and install up-to-date virus protection; contact our IT staff in the Computer Lab if you have any questions regarding the security status of your computer. The use of distributed file-sharing programs is prohibited because they slow network performance and often involve infected or copyrighted files. Long-term residents should register the hardware addresses of all computers with our IT staff, so we can locate an infected computer quickly and correct the problem.

Wireless access points are available throughout campus, all with the same password. If you move from one location to another, you may need to switch access points. Our bandwidth is limited, so please be considerate in using web-intensive products and restrain from streaming video during business hours.

Computers & Printers. There are 30 iMac computers that can boot into Mac OSX or Windows 10. These are available for common use by students or researchers in three locations:

  • Computer Lab
  • FHL Library
  • Lecture Hall

The Computer Lab is locked after hours, but you may enter it with a keypad code (ask in the office). The Lecture Hall mini-lab is locked after 10 pm and reopens early in the morning.

All of these computers have the same login, and have access to networked black-and-white postscript printers. For any prints/copies, we charge $0.25/side of color and $0.10/side of black-and-white. When you leave, let us know how many prints/copies you’ve made and we will add the charges to your invoice.

Technical support is provided by IT professionals who are available during business hours (M-F, 8-5).  We offer limited support for our visitors free of charge but for more than one hour of assistance, we will charge a fee.  Contact the FHL IT team (fhlit@uw.edu) for more information.


The library at the FHL is part of the University of Washington Libraries. Search for books using the UW Libraries online catalog  and then check them out using the card found in the back of each book. Because materials are not checked out online, you are responsible for keeping the items for a reasonable amount of time and bringing all materials back to the library when finished.

You may also borrow books from the Seattle campus using the request form on the FHL Library page: www.lib.washington.edu/fhl. If you have questions, contact librarian Maureen Nolan (nolan@uw.edu).

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