These arrival instructions are for independent visitors (researchers and scholars) only.  If you are enrolled in an FHL course or internship, or participating in a conference or field trip at FHL, you will receive separate information about where to go when you get here.

You may check in any time after 3 pm. When you come onto campus, take your first right into the main parking lot.  Enter the Fernald Lab (main) building and you’ll see the Front Office (with large windows) on your the left.  Outside of the door to the Front Office is a bulletin board, on which housing packets are tacked.  Look for a packet with your name on it.


Check out is before 11 am, in order to give the custodians time to clean for the next arrival. Upon departure, please leave your housing unit as clean as when you arrived, dispose of your garbage/recycling in the dumpsters outside, and wash your dishes.  You may leave the key in your locked unit or bring it to the Front Office.

If you used a lab space, clean it thoroughly, returning all supplies and equipment to their places and removing your belongings; clean and drain your sea tables, returning all living organisms to where you collected them; clean out any refrigerator or freezer space you used, leaving nothing behind.

If additional staff time is required for cleaning housing, lab spaces, or equipment beyond what is ordinarily needed, you will be billed for the extra time at a rate of $50/hour.


Course students are expected to pay for their tuition, fees, room & board prior to their arrival at FHL. More information regarding student charges can be found here.  All others should pay before departure by credit card (MC/Visa), check, cash, or on a UW budget. Long-term visitors will be billed monthly.

If you will be departing at a time when the Front Office will be closed, please come by the office while it is open (M-F, 8-5) to make your payment.  If the Front Office is closed for your entire visit (e.g. you are staying for a Saturday night only), make arrangements in advance with the Visitors Coordinator or Whiteley & Office Manager for making your payment.

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