8 researchers working in 2014
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    Emily Carrington

    University of Washington
    Research interest:  Physiological ecology and biomechanics
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    James W. Murray

    University of Washington, School of Oceanography
    Research interest: Ocean acidification in the NE Pacific
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    Tigran Norekian

    Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida
    Research interest: Nervous system in Ctenophores: morphology, physiology and transmitter make-up.  
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    Dianna Padilla

    Stony Brook University
    Research interest: Investigations of phenotypic plasticity in marine invertebrates, and ecology of introduced species.
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    Anthony Pires

    Dickinson College
    Research interest:  Larval development and metamorphosis in context of ocean acidification.
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    Kelly Sutherland

    University of Oregon
    Research interest: Influence of organism-scale turbulence on the predatory impacts of a suite of cnidarian medusae
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    Billie Swalla

    UW-FHL, Biology
    Research interest: Evolution & development of animal body plans
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    Michelangelo von Dassow

    Duke University
    Research interest: Biomechanical mediation of development-environment interactions in echinoderm embryos.
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