Policy on Space Allocation

Friday Harbor Laboratories

April 15, 2020

The University Handbook, Vol. II, Section 12.22 states that “space management and allocation” is part of the Capital and Space Planning Office, which reports directly to the Provost. An informal restatement of these policies, commonly used in space decision-making and space request processes, is that space is not “owned” by any college, department or individual in a department.

At the Friday Harbor Laboratories, priority for assignment of space will be given to those researchers and educators conducting activities that align closely with FHL’s mission of excellence in marine research, education, and outreach.

Resident researchers, including those who are UW faculty, staff and students, should submit a Researcher Application annually, preferably in January to allow planning of spaces for the upcoming busy season. The Director of FHL will review these renewal applications and current lab/office space assignments to determine best utilization of FHL resources. All FHL resident researchers who are assigned office or lab space are expected to publish in outlets where their work influences others and becomes known in their field (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, policy-oriented white papers, textbook chapters). Resident researchers are also expected to apply for external grant funding through FHL.

Best efforts will be made to maintain the existing lab/office space assignments for resident researchers as long as their applications warrant that space.

Lab/office space for visiting researchers is only allocated for the duration (up to one year) of the dates specified on the researcher application and no obligation is implied that the same lab/office space will be assigned in following years.

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