To apply for space at the HRWC, please consider the following information and provide brief answers to the questions posed below. A single application is sufficient for a group of collaborators who are working on a single project though the role of each collaborator should be described. New applicants, and those well established in their fields, will have highest priority. Applications by individuals that include some form of interaction with other scholars or scientists are especially encouraged. Applications by graduate students for dissertation-related work are not normally considered, though graduate students may be included as part of lab groups or collaborations. Applications are reviewed and space is allocated by the HRWC Administrative Committee.

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Applicants are recommended to check on the availability of space before applying. Flexibility in starting date will increase the probability of securing space. Please plan your visit carefully. HRWC is a small facility that must judiciously allocate space and time to visitors, especially during peak season. Non-emergency cancellations may result in the denial of future applications.

Group size

HRWC is ideally suited to house and provide study space for individuals or groups of up to six collaborators. Under special circumstances, groups up to ten may be accommodated, though not during periods of heavy use. Large groups might instead consider applying for use of the conference facilities at FHL.

Length of stay

Applicants should request space relevant to nature of the project. In order to accommodate more visitors, short stays (less than one month) are typical during the busy summer months. Repeat visits during a twelve-month period are limited to a cumulative total of three months. Repeat visits are welcome.


Applicants for space during the busy summer months (June – August) should apply before the February 1 deadline. Summer applications received any time after February 1 will be considered depending on availability of space. Applications for other periods are reviewed when submitted, though not normally more than six months in advance of the intended start date.


In writing your request to HRWC Applications, please answer the following TEN questions using no more than one paragraph each.

Applications that do not supply this information in the format requested will be returned

  1. What projects will you pursue at HRWC? As specifically as possible, what do you aim to accomplish by the end of your stay?
  2. If you have applied to HRWC before, what period did you spend here? As specifically as possible, please describe the accomplishments or products of your previous visit. Identify by title and citation manuscripts written, submitted, in press or published.
  3. Please provide a brief statement of your scholarly or artistic accomplishment, or attach a CV (limit to two pages).
  4. Please provide the names of two references, including address, phone number and e-mail address. References should be chosen for their ability to speak to the significance of the work in the discipline.  Also, provide the names and addresses of all collaborators who will accompany you to the Center.
  5. Describe family members who will join you or your collaborators (note that housing is not available to children at HRWC, although applicants with families may be accommodated elsewhere at FHL). Be sure to summarize the number of bedrooms and/or housing units that are needed to accommodate your entire group — one and two bedroom units may be available, and sharing of units between collaborators is encouraged. (Due to strong demand, please note that HRWC cannot typically accommodate large groups during summer months.)
  6. If you are applying as an individual scholar, would you prefer to have a study room to yourself, or would you prefer to share space with another individual? If study rooms are already occupied, would sharing study space or using your cottage for work be acceptable?
  7. Please provide three preferred starting/ending dates for your visit, if you are applying for summer.
  8. Visitors staying three weeks or more are requested to host a presentation on their work for FHL and HRWC residents. Presentations can be in the form of leading a discussion, giving an informal talk, or exhibiting work. Arrangements can be made after arrival.
  9. How did you learn of HRWC?
  10. Please include your name, current professional title or position, mailing address and email. Visitors who anticipate the need to use specialized FHL equipment or facilities (microscopes, SCUBA, motorized boats, etc.) for their work at the HRWC should also send a separate application to FHL.

Please address questions concerning applications to the HRWC Coordinator. Applications can be e-mailed (preferred), faxed or mailed to the HRWC coordinator.

E-mail to:
Fax to: 206-543-1273
Mail to: Whiteley Center Applications 620 University Road Friday Harbor, WA 98250 USA

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