This policy applies to UW FHL and all UW owned properties under the management of FHL, and is adopted in conformance with Washington Administrative Code 478-136.

Non-Academic Event Policy

Weddings and other non-academic events require special permission from the Director of FHL.

Non-academic events include weddings, social gatherings, and other types of events not directly related to a teaching, research or public service program of the University.  Permission for non-academic events may be granted to current FHL students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Permission may also be granted to other applicants provided they have a sponsor who is FHL faculty, research or staff (students cannot sponsor).


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all University facilities are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to, instruction, research, public assembly, student activities, and recreational activities related to educational use.  Educational use takes priority over non-academic events.

FHL Use Restrictions

Events may be permitted to rent meeting spaces (Lecture Hall, Commons, Dining Hall, etc.) as well as housing units.  FHL grounds are not available for use due to potential damage to the flora and fauna of the biological preserve. If a group is serving food in the Commons, it may be catered by FHL or other food service providers. In the Dining Hall, food may only be provided/catered by FHL. In all cases, food services must follow UW Environmental Health and Safety criteria.

Alcohol may not be consumed outside of housing units except in a reserved meeting space and with UW approval and a WA State permit. If a group has reserved a room and wishes to serve alcohol there, they may do so only if they 1) obtain approval from the UW Office of Special Programs, 2) after receiving UW approval, purchase a WA State Permit, and 3) post hard copies of the approval and permit in the room at the time of the event.

Process & Fees

To request permission to hold an event at FHL please submit a conference application found on the FHL website. Applications are accepted no more than one year prior to the requested date.

If the applicant is not a University of Washington department, administrative unit, or student group, a Use of University Facilities (UUF) Request Form must be completed in addition to the FHL conference application. This also requires an appropriate FHL sponsor. The UUF Request Form can be found here.

Fees for non-academic events at FHL are based on conference rates as set forth on the FHL website.

Adopted: December, 2016

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