Research and Teaching Laboratories

The research and teaching laboratories at FHL include eight one-story buildings of about 1,500 square feet each and three larger two-story research buildings. Running sea water free from metallic contamination is delivered to plexiglass aquaria and water tables through polyethylene or PVC pipes and fittings. Walk-in cold rooms, a microtechnique room, and a shop are available.  One lab building, Lab 12 or the Ocean Acidification Experimental Laboratory (OAEL), is dedicated to research on the effects of ocean acidification.

Analytical equipment for general use includes centrifuges, computers, scintillation counter, particle counter, a high performance liquid chromatograph, nucleotide sequencer, PCR thermocyclers and other equipment for molecular biology, spectrophotometers, culture chambers, fluorescence microscope, video equipment, scanning laser confocal microscope, and electrophysiological equipment. A scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope may be used by investigators who have or can obtain appropriate training.

Lab Equipment

Various lab equipment is available for common use. To use the following equipment, please contact the person listed below.

Item Contact Person (email)
Autoclave Billie Swalla
Boats Kristy Kull
Research Vessel Derek Smith
Chemical analysis (HPLC, etc.) Jack Bell, Michelle Herko
Computers and Video Dylan Crosby
Confocal Microscope, MRC-600 Billie Swalla
CT Scanner (Microphotonics Skyscan 1173) Adam Summers
Diving Pema Kitaeff
Flow Cytometer (Guava easyCyte HT) Emily Carrington, Kristy Kull
Flow Visualization Water Tunnel (RHRC 1520-H) Adam Summers, Emily Carrington
Flume: Vogel-LaBarbera Flume (<30 cm/s) Emily Carrington
Flume: High-speed Flume (0.5-4 m/s) Emily Carrington
Fluorometer in Lab 12  Billie Swalla
Imaging Room Microscopes Billie Swalla
MTS Material Property Tester Adam Summers
Molecular Analysis (Gels, etc.) Billie Swalla
Neurophysiology Equipment James Murray
Rapid Prototyper, Z-Corp Adam Summers
Scanning Electron Microscope and Critical Point Dryer Adam Summers
Spectrophotometer (Bio-Tek μQuant Universal Microplate) Billie Swalla
Transmission Electron Microscope Victoria Foe
Wind Tunnel Emily Carrington

Note that many more items not on this list may be available in the FHL Stockroom.

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