Our stockroom staff can help you gather the materials you need for your work. Please read and observe the instructions posted in the stockroom regarding use of supplies & equipment.

The stockroom provides supplies of most reagents, reusable labware, and small items of equipment at a nominal charge to students or investigators. Persons needing unusual materials, large quantities, or special equipment should make arrangements in advance. Licensed individuals who plan to use radioisotopes should contact the Director, Dr. Megan Dethier, as early as possible before ordering isotopes.

A room and equipment for handling and disposal of isotopes is available. “E” ware (embryologically clean) is SACRED. It is not for general use, unless you are culturing embryos or sensitive organisms. It is kept in special cabinets and should be returned to those cabinets if it has not been contaminated. Any “E” ware found elsewhere is assumed to be contaminated and the “E” marking is removed or obliterated immediately. Do not return “E” ware to cabinets unless you know it has not been contaminated. If you suspect it is contaminated, remove the “E” and return the item to the open shelves. New “E” ware should be marked before it is used.

Collecting equipment, shovels, plankton nets, etc. are available. Standard glassware may be obtained from the stockroom. Please clean and dry glassware before returning it to the shelf.

Please use fixatives and preservatives with great care. Do not contaminate the sea water tables or tanks. Sinks in some labs drain to the Harbor with the seawater, not to the sewers. See Safety Bulletin Boards in each lab for instructions concerning hazardous waste.

The stockroom is managed on a self-service, honor system for your convenience. There are location lists for chemicals and general supplies to help you find what you need.

Check with the Stockroom Attendant for the current procedure on checking out consumable materials and labware.

All equipment labeled with an orange or white FHL barcode needs to be checked out via the computer in the stockroom. This equipment includes microscopes, fiber optic illuminators, pumps, shakers, pipetters, and all other equipment (expensive or rare) that needs to be tracked. The purpose of the computer check out system is to help you and others locate items that have been checked out of the stockroom. Please ask the stockroom staff to help you with items that are in locked cabinets. Items offered for sale can be paid by cash/check or MC/Visa.

If the equipment you are using needs repair, lubrication or additional parts, please bring it to the attention of the stockrom staff rather than fixing it yourself. They know the equipment and will be glad to make the adjustments for you. It could save costly and time-consuming repairs.

Please label and date all chemicals and solutions, whether considered dangerous or harmless. To reduce costs of hazardous waste disposal, please make up only the required volume of a solution. Please do not remove chemical reagent bottles from the stockroom without permission. To assure continuous supplies, please tell the stockroom attendant when a particular chemical bottle is nearly empty.

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