This hourly rate system includes fuel:

$86+tax/hour when paid by check, card, or cash
$75/hour when paid from a UW budget

Moorage of boats at FHL’s docks is restricted to those used for research ONLY, as dock space allows.  Boat owners sign a Moorage Agreement with FHL and are charged moorage at rates of:

< 14 ft: $35/wk, $75/mo
15-30 ft: $95/wk, $250/mo
> 30 ft: $150/wk, $400/mo
Water & electrical (one 110-volt 20-amp): $50/mo
Vehicle parking < 22 ft: $20/wk, $60/mo

Moorage rates include tax, however utilities and parking will be taxed.  For details, questions about space availability, or a copy of the Moorage Agreement, contact Kristy Kull:


Anyone diving on SCUBA based at FHL is now charged an annual dive facility fee, regardless of their status or duration of visit/residence.  This includes unlimited air fills.

$105/year Standard rate
$92/year UW budget rate

Cylinders of Nitrox

$12/fill Standard rate
$10/fill UW budget rate

Additionally, there are UW Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) dive program fees that apply to all divers at UW annually.  Please check with the UW Dive Officers Will Love, or Pema Kitaeff for more information about rates.

All FHL divers deploying from boats must have a boat tender in addition to their dive buddy.  Contact the DSO or BSO for details and/or the possibility of hiring a tender at an additional hourly rate.


Usage: Motorboat use hours will be calculated according to the sign-out sheets. Nitrox users will be asked to fill out a form recording use, and submit it to the BSO or DSO. For your convenience, here are pdf and xls versions of a form you can use to log your boat use, fuel use and SCUBA fills.

FHL Log – Boat, Fuel and SCUBA Fill (pdf)
FHL Log – Boat, Fuel and SCUBA Fill (xls)

Forms may be deposited in the Kitaeff/Kull mailbox in Fernald, or submitted electronically to one of the email addresses below.  For people who are at FHL for extended periods, boat/dive use will be tabulated at the end of each month.

Dive Safety Officer:   Pema Kitaeff
Boat Safety Officer:   Kristy Kull

The DSO/BSO office is in the dive house at the end of the dock
Phone: 206-543-0876 or 360-378-2165 x18

effective Feb 2021; subject to change without notice.

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