The REU-Blinks Summer Internship program, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the FHL Blinks Endowment, offers hands-on, full-immersion summer research internships to 12-15 motivated undergraduates and post-baccalaureates. By linking students with marine scientists, students learn both the process and the substance of scientific research. Participants in the program work 1:1 with a scientist on a full-time basis for eight weeks.

Along with receiving additional full-time assistance from a motivated student for your research at FHL and the rewards of enriching this student with a once in a lifetime experience, FHL will provide laboratory space and a structured program for your intern to fully engage in the summer activities at FHL.

To apply, please submit an e-mail with the following application elements to Dr. Stacy Farina by December 15 for the following year’s summer internship. You can refer to last years internship programs for descriptions of projects that could serve as a model for your proposal. Note that this is in addition to your researcher application that should have been submitted by February 1.

  1. Your CV
  2. Name of research project
  3. Your name, address, e-mail
  4. A one page description of your research, as it applies to the work that will be expected from the intern(s)
  5. How many students could you mentor?
  6. How will the addition of an intern add use of FHL facilities in the following categories?

Wet labs
Research Vessel
FHL analytical gear

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