• Throughout the quarter: Only your pod members are allowed in your cottage, or in a vehicle or small boat together; students should maintain distance and wear masks at all times outside of their cottages.
  •  While under quarantine: please maintain distance and wear masks as much as possible, even in your cottage. If one person brings COVID with them, we’d rather the whole pod didn’t get it!



6 PM: Pick up your meals (dinner for the evening, plus breakfast and lunch for the next day) in the Dining Hall and bring back to your cottage.  If you noted special dietary preferences or restrictions on the Student Survey, look for a sack with your name on it. Otherwise, take a sack with no name.

7 PM: Short check-in Zoom with FHL Director Megan Dethier. You should have received an email link to the meeting.

Rest of the Evening: Free.



10 AM:  Outdoor campus tour by pod.  Meet outside in front of Fernald Lab, maintaining plenty of distance from other students!

1 PM: Welcome Zoom Meeting with FHL Staff. You should have received an email link to the meeting.

3 – 4:30 PM: Rowboat orientations by pod (Pod O at 3:00, Pod P at 3:30, Pod Q at 4:00).  Meet Boat Safety Officer Kristy Kull on the dock by the life jacket sheds.

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