For 2021 Winter

These procedures are specific for 2021 winter quarter
and follow current COVID-19 regulations


Students should plan to arrive at FHL after 3 pm on Sunday, January 3rd.  See the Schedule of Activities for Jan 3 & 4.


How to Get to the Island

FHL is located on San Juan island, off the coast of Washington State, 75 miles NW of Seattle. To get here, you’ll need to take a plane or boat (or car on a boat).  Depending on where you are coming from and how much you can pay, there are several options for getting here; for all those options, see How to Get to FHL. The Washington State Ferry system transports people and vehicles to and from the San Juan Islands several times a day, and is the least expensive way to get to Friday Harbor; this page provides details on using the ferry.

NW Washington State, with SeaTac Airport in the lower right.


Ferries travel between Anacortes and Friday Harbor.


The ferry between Anacortes and Friday Harbor runs about every three hours. Check the ferry schedule for times, entering the date you’ll be traveling, and selecting Departing Terminal “Anacortes” and Arriving Terminal “Friday Harbor”.  Make reservations ahead of time if you’re taking a car (no reservation necessary if you’re walking on). You should get to the ferry terminal at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure, and the trip itself is usually 1-2 hours long, depending on how many islands the ferry stops at along the way.

Ferry arriving to the Town of Friday Harbor.


How to Get to FHL from the Town of Friday Harbor

The ferry arrives in the town of Friday Harbor, about 1.5 miles (a 20-30 minute walk or 6 minute drive) from FHL. Once you’ve arrived to the island, you can drive, walk, or get a ride to FHL. For mobile directions, enter the address: 620 University Road, Friday Harbor (directions are also at bottom of this page). We will offer luggage transport to FHL for students walking off one afternoon ferry. Those coming by any other ferry, by the Victoria Clipper, or by plane will not receive luggage pickup service.

Current COVID-19 regulations do not allow us to drive students in the vans, but we will pick up luggage for those walking off the ferry that is scheduled to depart Anacortes at 1:25 pm and arrive in Friday Harbor at 2:30 pm. No matter how late that ferry is, we will be there waiting for it.

If you do not come by car, you can walk (~1/2 hour) or take a taxi (360-298-4434, cost ~$10) to FHL. **Be prepared by wearing sturdy walking shoes and rain gear, and carrying a flashlight or head lamp in case it’s dark. The sun sets early here in winter and ferries often run late, so it may be darker on your walk than you expect.

If you are planning to meet with an FHL van for luggage transport, walk directly to the pick-up location upon arrival.  When you walk off the ferry, you will be directed toward a walkway along the left of the car ramp. At the end of the walkway, turn immediately right and cross the car ramp.  Walk past the red ice cream shop on your right and proceed to the traffic circle; in that circle, look for a white van.

Aerial view of Friday Harbor ferry terminal.


Where To Go When You Get to FHL

For winter quarter, students will be living in grad cottages (lettered O, P, and Q), each one with 5-6 private bedrooms.  Everyone in a cottage will comprise a COVID-19 pod: a group of students who may ride in vehicles together, eat meals together, share a bathroom, etc.  ***Students may not ride in vehicles, get closer than 6 feet to, or eat meals with students who are not in their pod.

You may check into your cottage any time after 3 pm. When you arrive at FHL, proceed to the cottage to which you’ve been assigned: O, P, or Q (blue buildings on the map below). If you have a car, you may park your car in any designated parking spot on campus; no parking permit is required. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS. If you dropped off your luggage with an FHL van, we will leave it for you in your housing unit.

Map of campus.  As you come in from town, you’ll be entering the map at the lower left. O, P, & Q are blue, near center of map.


Inside your assigned cottage, on the table, you will find some handouts with information, a list of room assignments, and room keys.  

**After 6:00 pm, be sure to pick up your dinner plus breakfast and lunch for the next day in the Dining Hall. The rest of the evening is free for students to get settled, unpack and meet one another; there are no planned activities after dinner.

About the Dining Hall & Meal Service
(on Arrival Day and thoughout Winter Quarter)

Under COVID-19 regulations for the Dining Hall, masks must always be worn (as in all other buildings besides your housing), and food and beverages may not be consumed. All food and beverages must be brought back to your cottages for consumption.  Note that the cottages all have refrigerators for storing your food.

Your meals will be boxed and ready to pick up in one bag that will be set out on the service tables. The bag will contain: a freshly prepared (hot) dinner for that evening, plus breakfast and lunch (ready to eat or heat) for the following day.  Before you grab a bag, be sure it doesn’t have someone else’s name on it!  And if you noted dietary preferences or restrictions (e.g. vegetarian or gluten-free) on the online student survey, **take the bag with your name on it, which will contain meals customized for your preferences/restrictions.

Beverages will be available. The refrigerator will be stocked with milk & non-dairy items, fruit, and snack-type foods that you can bring back to your cottage.


Directions for driving or walking to FHL
From the ferry landing, follow the cars turning right off the ferry, then immediately left onto Spring Street (the main street in town). Go two blocks, then turn right on Second St. Go about four blocks and at the second stop sign, turn right onto Tucker Ave.  Follow Tucker for 0.3 mile to the fork at the top of the hill.  Take the right fork onto University Rd, proceeding another 0.3 mi to enter campus.


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