Term Check out of Housing Last meal served by Dining Hall
2020 Autumn After classes on Friday Dec 11, Before 11 am on Saturday Dec 12 Dec 12 Breakfast
2021 Winter After classes on Friday March 12, Before 11 am on Saturday March 13 March 13 Breakfast
2021 Spring After classes on Friday June 4, Before 11 am on Saturday June 5 June 5 Breakfast
2021 Summer A Before 11 am on Friday July 16* July 16 Lunch
2021 Summer B Before 11 am on Friday Aug 20* Aug 20 Lunch

*Check out at 11 am is required in order to allow custodians to clean for arriving students; however, you may stay on campus for lunch and depart after. We will let you know where you can store your luggage after you’ve checked out of your room.

Departure Procedures


1) If you wrote a research paper for your course, please email a PDF copy to FHL Student Services. By doing so, you are giving us permission to archive the report in the UW digital repository “ResearchWorks”, open to web users from around the world and possibly beyond (fame)!! **If you received a scholarship from the Mary Gates Endowment (MGE), we are required to mail a copy of your research paper to the UW MGE office. 

2) Return books to the FHL Library.

3) Return stockroom items, equipment and usable consumables.  **CLEARLY LABEL any hazardous waste and take it to the designated area next to the Student Shop.

4) With your classmates, thoroughly clean all lab and research spaces used by the class. Dispose of or return items in refrigerators, freezers, hoods, and ovens. Drain and rinse sea tables and tanks (no soap). If possible, return animals to where they were collected. Wipe down all surfaces in the lab.

5) Clean up and clean out all other FHL spaces you used (including refrigerators, freezers, hoods, and ovens, cold rooms, Student Shop, dock, outdoor tanks, etc.). Dispose of or return items. Drain and rinse sea tables and tanks (no soap).

6) Remove all trash and recycling from your housing – dorm room or hut, and common housing space (e.g. dorm hallways). Dispose of it in the dumpsters behind the Commons.

7) Clear out any food you have in FHL refrigerators.


8) Leave the door to your room ajar so custodians can begin cleaning.

9) Drop your room/hut key off and sign out in Dorm B, where we will set up a key-return box and sign-out sheet. Drop your key in the box and place a check next to your name to let us know you’ve vacated your room.  For students in Grad Cottages (2021 winter), you may leave keys on the table in the cottage.

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