Introduction to Marine Biology in the San Juan Islands

*** tentative ***

~7 am (depending on ferry schedule); Vans pick up students on the Seattle campus.
~11 am: Welcome to FHL; tour, description of classes and research opportunities
12:15: Lunch
1:00 pm: Short introduction to the San Juan Archipelago and coastal habitats
1:30 – 3:30: Trip on R/V Centennial. Trawl in San Juan Channel and sort/explore the catch. Observe seals hauled out (low tide) on Yellow Island.
4:00: Short lecture on planktonic habitats and organisms
4:30: All hands to rowboats to collect plankton and dip jellyfish
5:00: Explore plankton in lab
6:00: Dinner
7:00: Exploring feeding modes of invertebrates from the trawl – lab and online
8:30: Micro-presentations of information on feeding modes
9:00: Nightlighting at the docks: see the invertebrates that come to an underwater light, and the predators that come to eat them!
10:00 Optional Blue Planet videos in the dining hall
Overnight at FHL in campus housing
9:00 am: Advising for Marine Biology minors and majors
10:00: Brunch
11:00: Short lecture on tides and rocky shore habitats
12:00: Field trip to a rocky shore for low tide (location dependent on weather and recent sightings of orca whales)
If time allows: Stop in False Bay for a brief contrast with a sand-mud habitat
4:00 (depending on ferries): Leave FHL for ferry, then drive back to Seattle
By 9:00 pm: return to UW.

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