Courses can be found by quarter or by keyword search. Please note that many spring and autumn courses are offered only as a part of either the Zoo-Bot Program or Spring/Autumn Marine Sciences.

Students are encouraged to check with an advisor at their home institution to confirm that University of Washington credits earned through coursework at FHL are transferable.

To receive a transcript for a course completed at FHL, follow instructions provided at the this UW website. Please note that your transcript from UW may list a course title that does not exactly match the title of the course you complete at FHL. The course title on the transcript will list the UW “umbrella” course title under which the FHL course is offered.

FHL courses are graded on a standard numeric grading system: 0.0-4.0. Here’s a link to a UW web page which might be helpful.

4 courses offered in Summer A 2019
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