FHL 470 | Autumn 2018

Research in Marine Biology 2018

Credits: 6

Instructor(s): Dr. Adam Summers


This is offered as part of the Marine Biology Quarter in Autumn, 2018.

This course provides students with a hands-on introduction of “doing science.” The bulk of the course will be spent engaged in research activities in close collaboration with a supervisor. Students’ projects will focus on selected questions of marine biology; research topics vary, but will involve lab experiments and/or field work in the local marine habitats of the San Juan Archipelago. We will also engage in lectures and class activities to gain skills in gathering, analyzing, and presenting data, as well as ethical dilemmas in the sciences (the nuts and bolts of collaboration, authorship, grant-writing, and professional conduct).

Enrollment limited to 20 students.

UW undergraduate students taking this course may be eligible for partial funding from the Mary Gates Endowment (MGE).