If you are the recipient of a Mary Gates Endowment (MGE) award, the MGE office will deposit the award into your MyUW Account – generally during the first or second week of the quarter.  Note that the deposit amount may less than the initial award, depending on other sources of financial assistance being applied to your account.

You may use the award directly toward payment of tuition.  Alternatively, you may have some or all of the award transferred via Direct Deposit to your personal checking account, for use in paying FHL housing and dining — which must be paid directly to Friday Harbor Labs.

Here’s information on how to set up Direct Deposit from your MyUW account).

If you are also receiving UW Student Financial Aid, be sure to notify the UW financial aid office about the MGE award. In some cases, the MGE award may affect the amount you receive from other scholarships.  If you have questions about your individual situation, contact the Student Financial Aid office:

E-mail osfa@uw.edu
Call 206-543-6101
Visit office in Schmitz Hall, first and fifth floors.

As a requirement of the Mary Gates Endowment scholarship, you must submit a copy of the final paper you produce for your FHL research course.  At the end of the quarter, email FHL Student Services a pdf of the paper.  We will print all students’ MGE papers (in color) and send them together to the Mary Gates Office in Seattle. 

Students who receive MGE awards for research experiences/apprenticeships at FHL are not required to present their results at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium (Links to an external site.), held every spring quarter in May.  However, we strongly encourage you to present a talk or poster at the symposium, letting others know about your research at FHL! If you’re attending FHL during spring quarter, you may attend the symposium the following spring.


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